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Robert Grassi (Bob) has been involved with photography since his participation in his high school year book, and spending countless hours developing both black-and-white and color photography. After completing his professional training as both Fordham and Georgetown University's, he eventually moved to Peterborough New Hampshire when he became a member of the Sharon Arts Foundation while living in the Monadnock area of New Hampshire for 32 years. In 2002, he moved to Wolfeboro New Hampshire
where he maintains his status as a semi-native of the Granite State.

His work has been displayed at various professional offices throughout the state
is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association
The majority of his work reflects his many years in the New England area, and he is very grateful for friends who transported much of his work to Florida as he is now an official Snowbird

. Bob currently uses a Nikon .D 7100. He endeavors to get it right the first time, as most of his editing is limited to cropping with a minimal amount of enhancement. Perhaps,his greatest satisfaction is getting several friends,which now include his grandson, to take the pictures out of the computer and bring them to display for
others to enjoy by learning the basic skills of framing and matting

He's very indebted to his wife, Claire, not only for her discriminating critiques, but also for her patience and especially her generosity in granting his request for more wall space as well as most of the basement for his workshop

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